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"Gayle Morris first started working with our son right after his second birthday when he could barely utter more than 10 words. Now he is four, is talking beautifully, and is getting closer to communicating at his age level. Because of Gayle’s patience, tireless energy, endless generosity, huge smiles, and expertise (including facial manipulations), our son is blossoming—he not only talks, but sings. He communicates successfully, and is also wonderfully playful with language. Gayle’s efforts have been instrumental in his transformation to not only communicate better, but also to be more engaged socially and play with greater imagination and humor.


Our son loves to visit with Gayle always saying he had fun during their session. When we say “good night” before bed, he says “Good night, Gayle” and “I love you, Gayle.” Her sincerity and hard work with our son has been so rewarding for us to see. We are deeply grateful for Gayle, and feel she has made a tremendous impact on our son’s development and progress."


Mother of 4 yr old boy, Manhattan, NY


"Gayle always shows up with energy and a great smile.  My 10 year old daughter loves working with her and never complains.  She has been a great help.  I am a pediatrician and recommend Gayle to all my patients.  I am getting ready to call her next for my son."


Pediatrician and Mother of 10 yr old girl, Chappaqua, NY



"My daughter Jordyn has had difficulty with her voice since she first started speaking.  She has always had a very raspy sounding voice.  At first, we thought it was cute, but when she started whispering a lot, we became concerned.  


We took her to the doctor where they scoped her and found that she had nodules on her vocal cords.  We were told that it was nothing to be seriously concerned about, but to monitor it.  Over the years, she went through fazes where it would get better or worse, but she didn’t seem to outgrow it, as we had hoped.  Jordyn has always been soft spoken and a bit introverted.  She would never want to raise her hand in class.  She would never ever even speak up at the dinner table -- always letting her siblings overshadow her.  She would never converse freely.  She would answer questions, if someone asked, but she didn't offer up anything or initiate conversation.  


Last spring, Jordyn started working with Gayle.  After just a few sessions, I noticed a huge improvement in Jordyn's voice.  No more whispering and much less raspiness.  

Prior to working with Gayle, I could never understand Jordyn on the phone.  I would need to watch her lips when we were together, in order to get every word.  Miraculously, after the first 3 sessions, she was coming over the phone loud and clear.  While these things are super important, I need to share what I feel to be the biggest change in Jordyn.  She has an entirely different personality.  She has become so much more confident and personable.  She now comes to me and shares all kinds of information without being prompted.  In fact, it is hard to get her stop talking now.  She seems happier than she's ever been. 


She is now practicing for her Bat Mitzvah now and she is doing great.  

Thanks to Gayle, everyone will be able to hear Jordyn's beautiful voice loud and clear at her Bat Mitzvah.  She will stand up in front of her friends and family with a newfound confidence."


Mother of an 11 year old girl, Armonk, NY

"Over the years, my 10 year old son, Jack, has worked with several people for support given his expressive delays (verbal and written) and Gayle is by far the best. I felt like I was always searching for a good fit and then Jack met with Gayle at Weill Cornell. We soon transitioned to home sessions as that worked best with our schedule and allowed Jack the extra time he needed. Gayle is someone who can get the work done and she has a special energy that  makes their time together fun. Even if it's a long day and Jack is tired, Gayle is so creative in the way she works with Jack that he remains focused and he ends each session with a smile. Gayle's time with Jack has made a significant difference is his confidence when expressing himself orally and in a written manner. I'm not sure who enjoys Gayle more when she comes over...Jack or me!"


Mother 10 year old boy, Manhattan, NY

"Our son, who is four years old now, had a speech evaluation at Weill Cornell Medical Center with Gayle Morris about a year and a half ago.  He has been working with her since then. 
Gayle is wonderful, caring, thoughtful and nurturing person.  My son looks forward to seeing her every week,  twice a week , even though he has to focus and work hard when he is in session. 
We worked with other speech therapists and Gayle is exceptional at what she does. She is firm but also fun and my son improved significantly. 

We were very fortunate to have met Gayle. She one of those " special " people that makes what could be a tedious session, fun and exciting."


Mother of 4 year old boy, Scarsdale, NY 


"Words cannot fully capture how much I value the work Gayle did with our son.  Our son was 4 1/2 when we started with her and we saw her for six months on a weekly basis.  Gayle's ability to engage with children from the moment she meets them in the waiting room throughout the work during each session is remarkable. Not only is she incredibly kind and warm but her ability to relate to your child while at the same time providing a clear structure for speech therapy is a blend of skills that not many practioners have mastered.  Gayle also has a wonderful way of including parent(s) in the process to help them understand how to best continue the work throughout the week at home.  The true testament to her skills is that our son never once complained about going to his appointments or doing his homework, he truly adores her." 


Mother of 4 1/2 year old boy, Manhattan, NY

"Gayle came very highly recommended and I was very impressed with how effective she was even during her first session with my six year old son.  Gayle was at all times punctual, professional, enthusiastic and goal-oriented.  I would recommend her services without any hesitation." 


Father of 6 yr old boy, Bedford, NY



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