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Whether I am working with children or adults, my primary goal is to help my client to become a Confident Communicator.  Communication challenges can cause anxiety for the patient, parent, or family member. It can stop people from living their best life by causing them to avoid speaking situations. It can slowly shape their personality and view of themselves. This can prevent them from seizing important social, academic and professional opportunities.  When we feel secure in the way we speak, interact and present ourselves, however, we have the world open to us.  That's what I want for my clients. Being part of this growth is what I find most rewarding.  











Therapy Can Be


I find my clients look forward to our sessions. My focus is making Speech therapy fun so clients may not even realize that they are working hard. I am their coach as well as therapist. I provide them with the appropriate dose of motivation, inspiration and accountability to help them get the job done. 

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A Medical & Holistic



As a Medical Speech Pathologist and someone who has studied holistic health (with two holistic nutrition degrees), I am a believer in balancing solid medical advice from the patient's physician with good nutrition, exercise (movement), and breathing. Yes, breathing! Sounds silly, but breathing is the building block to fluent speech and a healthy, strong voice. People with speech and voice issues often hold their breath. Consistent breath flow is key! 





My goal is to get my client's out of therapy as fast as I can, so that they can get back to life.  I hope that their experience in therapy helps them to try new things that they may have not thought themselves capable of prior to therapy. 


Gayle Morris, M.S.,CCC/SLP

Specializing in Speech, Stuttering, Voice and Language Disorders. 



It starts with loving what I do. After 20 years of practice, I am still excited and challenged to be a Speech Therapist. My day is never typical and neither are my clients. Each client is special and requires an individualized approach.  There are overlaps in therapy approaches but "reaching" and "connecting" with a client is unique. If I'm working with a child it is as important to know what hobbies they love than it is what disorder they have.  When working with an adult, I need to understand their professional and personal motivations as well. Of course, great training and technique is a necessity.  I maintain my hospital affiliation and continuing education so that I can always evolve as a clinician.  

"Gayle’s efforts have been instrumental in his transformation to not only communicate better, but also to be more engaged socially and play with greater imagination and humor. Our son loves to visit with Gayle always saying he had fun during their session. When we say “good night” before bed, he says “Good night, Gayle” and “I love you, Gayle.” 


Mother of 4yr old, NY NY



"Over the years, my 10 year old son, Jack, has worked with several people for support given his expressive delays (verbal and written) and Gayle is by far the best.  Gayle's time with Jack has made a significant difference is his confidence when expressing himself orally and in a written manner. I'm not sure who enjoys Gayle more when she comes over...Jack or me!"


Mother of 10 yr old boy, NY NY




"Gayle always shows up with energy and a great smile.  My 10 year old daughter loves working with her and never complains.  She has been a great help.  I am a pediatrician and recommend Gayle to all my patients.  I am getting ready to call her next for my son."


Pediatrician and Mother of 10 yr old girl, Chappaqua, NY

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"We worked with other speech therapists and Gayle is exceptional at what she does. She is firm but also fun and my son improved significantly. 

We were very fortunate to have met Gayle. She one of those " special " people that makes what could be a tedious session, fun and exciting."


Mother of 4 yr old boy, Scarsdale NY



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